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Bordello Room

Our most famous room is the Bordello Room, featuring a rare piece of New Orleans history, with the bed from an infamous Storyville bordello. Carved, mirrored and swagged with lush fabric, the Bordello Room makes memories of New Orleans infamous past poignant in the present.

... Storyville became the most celebrated red light district in the United States. Visitors to the city now were taken "down the line" to see the plush and velvet parlors of the palatial mansions of sin. Many of the North Basin Street brothels, some of them imposing mansions three and four stories in height, were conducted with considerable elegance and ceremony. All of the parlor houses were expensively furnished and equipped with as much gilt, plush, and velvet as the madames and their financial backers could afford. There were one or more rooms with mirrored walls and ceilings, available at special rates...