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From I-10 WEST:

*Take the St. Bernard Ave Exit 236 C
*The ramp will bring you to a traffic light, turn left. The road will immediately have a side split to the right. Take that right split. (you are now merging on to Claiborne Avenue, I-10 will now be the bridge above you. There will be no street signs!)
*At the next intersection there will be a traffic light, turn left. (this intersection is Claiborne, turning left on to Esplanade Avenue. Again no street signs, but Esplanade is easy to spot. It is a divided, tree lined Avenue one of the few in the city that has trees and a good size medium or as we would call it the "neutral ground".
*Follow Esplanade for about 3 blocks and turn left at Marais Street and come back up the other side of Esplanade. (A land mark will be a small church, St. Anna's. The church will be on your left). We are 3 houses past St. Anna's.
*1333 Esplanade, Antebellum Guest House. We are an oyster gray house, white trim and a green door. There are also flags on each column on the 2nd floor gallery.

From I-10 EAST:

*Take I-10 in to New Orleans. Be sure to stay on I 10, because the highway will split off at a couple of points. As you approach the city on I-10 the major land mark is the Supper Dome, the exits for the French Quarter will be coming up shortly. There are 2 exits you will be taking the second one Exit 236 A.
*Exit 236 A (Esplanade Avenue) The exit ramp drops you off with a traffic light ahead of you, you will want to stay to the right.
*At the traffic light turn right on to Esplanade Avenue, you will be driving about 2 blocks. *Turn Left at Marais Street and come back up the other side of Esplanade Avenue. (A land mark will be St. Anna's Church).
*We are 3 houses down from the church. A gray house, green door and flags across the gallery upstairs.

"Printable Directions"